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ST3 Trauma and Orthopaedic Interview Portfolio StationApplying To ST3 Orthopaedics?




Before you enter the portfolio station, the assessors will have spent 15 minutes reading through your portfolio and validating the Self Assessment questions from your application form.

The validated Self Assessment questions will produce a score out of 40 which will contribute to your overall portfolio station score. The station itself produces a mark out of 82. Totalling 122 overall.

Once you enter the station there will be 2 portfolio questions, each lasting approximately 7.5 minutes. You will be scored independently by two assessors.

The Portfolio station is designed to assess past achievements, commitment to specialty and career progression to date. You will therefore be expected to have evidence to show against the person specification domains. Failure to supply suitable evidence to fully support the score awarded will result in your score being reduced.

interviewers will have analysed your portfolio and it is critical that achievements and evidence are easy to find. Spending time creating an easy to navigate portfolio is well worth your time.

Questions may relate directly to information within your CV or portfolio or may be more generic personal insight questions such as ‘why should be select you?’


Half of the marks awarded for the Portfolio station are scored before you even enter the room. Knowing what is required to score points ahead of time is key to maximising your score on the Self-Assessment questions.

Interviewers have only 15 minutes in which to scan through your CV and Portfolio. Having a well-prepared, clearly structured Portfolio in which items can be quickly located will help you score marks and make life easy for the interviewers.

Structuring your answers and preparing personalised answers to commonly asked questions is important and our online interview preparation features a questions bank of such questions with analysis and breakdown by successful candidates.

Top Tips

  • Invest in a nice faux-leather A4 binder, plastic wallets and dividers in which to build your portfolio
  • Construct a contents page that mirrors your CV and add sub-contents pages at the beginning of each section to make it easy for the interviewers to find your documents
  • Know your Portfolio inside-out and make sure that you can direct interviewers to important publications and evidence quickly
  • Spend time re-reading old audits, presentations and publications. Anything included in your Portfolio may be discussed by the interviewers and it is important that you can recall data and results from projects you undertook several years previously
  • Try to keep your portfolio concise with only evidence that will score points included. Having a large binder may look impressive but it can make things difficult to find for the interviewers
  • Be honest with everything on the portfolio checklist and make sure you have included sufficient evidence to back it up
  • Think about what your key selling points are and what makes you stand out and focus on these attributes

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