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ST3 Trauma and Orthopaedic Interview Interactive and Communication Station

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ST3 Trauma and Orthopaedic Interview Interactive and Communication StationApplying To ST3 Orthopaedics?




In this station you will be observed interacting with actors who will role-play a scenario with you. There are two parts to the scenario each lasting approximately 7.5 minutes. Scoring is done independently by two assessors.

Top Tips

  • The Interactive Station tends to be what separates the very best candidates. Preparation can be challenging and it is recommended that you look back through your MRCS and medical school communication skills notes.
  • Our Question Bank features a comprehensive guide to structuring and communicating in a way that will score you maximum points.
  • Scenarios tested are designed to be realistic and it is important that you remain calm, employ active listening and try to reach a satisfactory conclusion within the timeframe.
  • Scenarios often fall into 'types' of communication skills such as breaking bad news, dealing with an angry relative, dealing with a failing colleague or explaining a diagnosis.
  • Our Interview Course uses actors and scenarios to simulate the Interactive Station and improve your communication skills prior to the real interview.

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