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ST3 Trauma and Orthopaedic Interview 2021 Overview

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ST3 Trauma and Orthopaedic Interview 2021 OverviewApplying To ST3 Orthopaedics?

The interviews consists of five stations each lasting 15 minutes. You will also be scored on your Self-Assessment completed at the time of application and for 2021 you will NOT be required to submit a Personal Skills Assessment (PSA) Form completed by your consultants.
Each station is designed to assess the selection criteria on the Person Specification. You will rotate round all five stations during the interview process with 1 minute between stations.

All stations will be staffed by two interviewers (consultants), each of whom will award you a mark on each of the aspects on which you are being assessed.

The Trauma and Orthopaedic ST3 interviews are held in Leeds during the last week of March/1st week of April.

The stations for the 2021 ST3 Trauma and Orthopaedic Interviews are:

The Venue

The interviews for ST3 trauma and orthopaedics take place at Leeds United Football Club in the East Stand.
The venue is conveniently located for access from the M621, M62 and M1. Leeds railway station is approximately two miles away and easily reached by public transport or taxi.

For directions to the venue please see the
Leeds United Conference and Events website.
Parking is provided in the Stadium Way car park opposite the East Stand.

ST3 Orthopaedic Interview Venue


Your performance in each station will be scored using a structured scoring system. The scores from each interview station will be combined to produce an overall interview score. The maximum available overall score is 337. The overall minimal appointable score was 230 (i.e. candidates had to get this or above to be eligible for a job offer).
Each station is scored by two consultant interviewers out of a set score.
The portfolio station is made up of two scores: a score out of 40 for your self-assessment on the application and a score out of 42 for your performance at the station itself producing a score of 82 overall.

There are no ‘killer stations’. There has previously been a so called killer station (usually the clinical) where you have to score above a set amount for that individual station in order to be eligible for a job offer in addition to your overall score being above the minimum appointable threshold.
After the interviews you will be ranked against all other candidates. Your ranking will be based on your overall interview score. In the event that your scores tie with other candidates’, the selection panel will look at your individual interview station scores.

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