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ST3 Trauma and Orthopaedic Interview 2023 Overview

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ST3 Trauma and Orthopaedic Interview 2023 OverviewApplying To ST3 Orthopaedics?

In 2023 there will be a single online interview. You will also be scored on your Self-Assessment completed at the time of application.
The online interview is designed to assess the selection criteria on the Person Specification. The interview format is very similar to the single interview system used prior to national selection.

The interview will be staffed by two interviewers (consultants), each of whom will award you a mark on each of the aspects on which you are being assessed. The key areas assessed will include clinical knowledge and motivational questions together with ability to work under pressure.

The interview will be split into three 10-minute sections:


In this section you will be interviewed about elements of your career and experience to date. The total time allocated for the Portfolio station is ten minutes. You will be assessed independently by two interviewers.


This section will be based on a clinical scenario. The time allocated for the Clinical station is ten minutes.
You will be assessed independently by two interviewers.

This section will be a prioritisation exercise. The time allocated for this station is ten minutes. You will be assessed independently by two interviewers.

The Trauma and Orthopaedic ST3 interviews will be held Online in March.


Your performance in each domain will be scored using a structured scoring system. The scores
from each interview station and your validated Self-Assessment will be combined to produce
your overall interview score. The maximum available overall score is 182.
Your ranking will be based upon your overall interview score and your individual station scores.
The overall minimal appointable score is 112.5 (i.e. candidates have to get this or above to be eligible for a job offer).
Each station is scored by two consultant interviewers out of a set score.
The portfolio station is made up of two scores: a score out of 32 for your self-assessment on the application and a score out of 50 for your performance at the station itself producing a score of 82 overall.

In the event of tied overall interview scores, the individual station scores in the order below will be used to differentiate between candidates:
1. Total interview score
2. Total Clinical score
3. Total Prioritisation score
4. Total Portfolio score
5. Validated Self-Assessment score

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