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ST3 Orthopaedic Interview Knowledge Course7th December 2019 & 15th February 2020, Bristol

Here at ST3 Ortho Interview we know that getting started with ST3 Orthopaedic Interview preparation can be tricky and knowing where to start is tough.

For candidates applying to ST3 trauma and orthopaedic specialty training gin the UK our ST3 Orthopaedic Interview Knowledge Course is based on the popular lectures featured in the Mock Interview Course and is designed to kickstart your interview preparation this side of the Christmas break.

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Our ST3 Orthopaedic Interview Knowledge Course features a comprehensive overview of the application process, tips from last year's successful candidates, evidence-based revision of core clinical and anatomy topics together with guides to each individual station and hands-on technical skills tutorials.

The course is lecture-based with focused near-to-peer teaching and interactive group discussion. A brasserie lunch and refreshments together with free high-speed Wi-Fi and pens, pads and sweets will keep you going throughout the day.

This isn't just an interview lecture course and will prepare you for life as a junior orthopaedic registrar.

  • ST3 Ortho Interview Knowledge Courses 7/12/19 & 15/2/20
  • £367 £267
  • Lectures, Cases, Notes and Personalised Feeback To Give You Everything You Need To Get Your ST3 Ortho Job
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ST3 Orthopaedic Interview Course Programme

Our ST3 Orthopaedic Interview Knowledge Courses are held in December and February to give you plenty of time to act on feedback, improve your portfolio and enhance your interview technique. The course is designed to kick-start your interview preparation and provides insider insights.
Typically the highest scoring candidates attend both the knowledge and mock interview courses to give a complete understanding of the interview process.

Date: 7th December 2019
Clifton Village, Bristol
Registration: CLOSED

Interactive Lectures

Lectures and Small-Groups to Kickstart Your Revision
Understand the application process, how to score maximum marks and how to deal with any scenario
Portfolio, Interactive, Clinical, Technical and Presentation stations covered in detail
Orthopaedic anatomy and evidence-based clinical management
Common topics and themes covered
Complete guide to improving communication skills from experienced comm skills tutors
Portfolio preparation and application in details
Key papers, resources and syllabus for effective preparation
Top tips from last year's successful candidates
Technical skills practical session with demos and playtime

ST3 Orthopaedic Interview Course Timetable

Our ST3 Ortho Interview Knowledge Course will begin at 0930. The programme will feature lectures containing the latest evidence-based clinical information and interactive demonstrations of interview stations to give you an idea of what differentiates the very best candidates.

A full lunch is included as are refreshments throughout the day, high-speed Wi-Fi and pens and pads for you to take notes.

  • 0900-0930 Coffee & Registration

    Arrive and grab a coffee, pastry and get ready for the day to start

  • 0930-1000 Interview Overview and Key Tips

    Focus is placed on interview technique so that you can deal with any questions at this interview any any other you might have in the future.

  • 1000-1045 Portfolio and Application – Lecture and Small Groups

    All aspects of the ST3 orthopaedic application including scoring are covered. Learn how to optimise your surgical CV and portfolio to score maximum points and how to deal with tricky questions using core interview technique rather than stock answers.

  • 1040-1100 Presentation, Case Prioritisation and Handover – Lecture and small groups

    Understand how to structure and deliver your presentation and how to optimise the time at the case prioritisation station. The session includes real examples, past stations and group discussion.

  • 1100-1115 Coffee

    Break time!

  • 1115-1200 Interactive and Communication Station - Improving your Comm Skills

    Optimise your communication skills. We cover every possible scenario and use comm skills tutors and cases to make sure you get every mark.

  • 1200-1315 Technical Skills – Demos, Videos and Play Time

    We go through the common scenarios, cover principles and then let you practise under assessed conditions using similar kit to that used at interviews. This is a perfect opportunity to play with kit and understand how to behave on the day.

  • 1315-1400 Lunch

    A brasserie lunch is included on site

  • 1400-1415 Clinical Station 1. – Introduction, Principles and Overview

    We focus on clinical station interview technique and principles to give you the tools to answer any clinical question even if you are not 100% certain of the answer

  • 1415-1500 Clinical Station 2. – Upper Limb Anatomy and Cases in Small Groups

    We focus on the top half of the body and use cases and commonly assessed scenarios to cover as much clinical information as possible to kick-start your revision

  • 1500-1515 Coffee

    Break time!

  • 1515-1600 Clinical Station 3. – Spine and Lower Limb Anatomy and Cases in Small Groups

    We focus on the spine and lower half of the body and use cases and commonly assessed scenarios to cover as much clinical information as possible to kick-start your revision

  • 1600-1630 Final Discussion and Home Time

    Any other topics are covered, feedback is given and remaining portfolios reviewed.

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See What Our Past Course Attendees Thought

We reviewed over 5000 ST3 orthopaedic CVs and applications, interviewed over 2000 successful candidates and always love hearing how the candidates that we have coached have not only got a job but have secured their top ranked job in their hospital and city of choice for core surgical training.

The Venue

Our ST3 Ortho Interview Knowledge Course is held in the scenic Engineers' House, Clifton Village, Bristol. Engineers' House is located near to Clifton Suspension Bridge and is a 10 minutes taxi ride or 20 minute bus ride from Bristol Temple Meads station.

The venue is a 2 minute walk from Clifton Village where you will find an eclectic mix of bars, restaurants and boutiques as well as useful high street shops.

Brunel’s Clifton Suspension Bridge, the Observatory and the famous Clifton downs are all within 3 minutes walk of Engineers House and a perfect place to escape to at the end of the ST3 Orthopaedic Interview course.

ST3 Ortho Interview Venue

Key Venue Info

Getting To The ST3 Ortho Interview Knowledge Course

The nearest train station is Bristol Temple Meads, a 10 minute taxi journey from Engineers’ House. Get the bus for £1.50 (see below) from the station to Clifton Village.

Taxi ranks can be found at the train station. When leaving Engineers’ House the on site team can book one for you. We advise booking ahead to avoid waiting when you depart.

The number 8 and 9 buses stop directly outside Engineer’s House every 10 minutes and depart from the city centre and Bristol Temple Meads train station.


  • 1. How much does the course cost?
    ST3 Ortho Interview Knowledge Course costs £367 (before early-bird discounts). This includes handouts, certificate, lunch and refreshments.
  • 2. Who can attend?
    Anyone wishing to apply to ST3 T&O specialty training. This includes CT1/2 trainees, LATS and LASs.
  • 3. I am a CT1. Can I still attend?
    Yes. CT1s have the added bonus of an extra year in which to act on feedback and improve their portfolios and interview technique.
  • 4. Where is the course held?
    The ST3 Ortho Interview Knowledge Course is held at the scenic Engineers' House Clifton Village, Bristol.
  • 5. How many places are there?
    To provide group discussion and keep the lectures interactive spaces are limited so be sure to register early if you would like to attend.
  • 6. What should I bring on the day?
    Just yourself. Handouts will be provided on the day.

    If you wish to bring a copy of your CV on paper or iPad there will be opportunities to have this reviewed by the faculty.
  • 7. What should I wear?
    The course is more relaxed than the mock interview course and home clothes may be worn.
  • 8. Is lunch included?
    Lunch is included in the course fees. Refreshments will be provided throughout the day to keep you going.
  • 9. Do I need to prepare before attending?
    Although it is not necessary to prepare for the course, the more you put in the more you will get out. Ensuring that you know the management of common orthopaedic emergencies and are familiar with your portfolio is a good start. The free materials and reading list found on this website should suffice.
  • 10. I didn't get a place on the course. Are there any future dates?
    ST3 Ortho Interview Knowledge Course is an annual course. However, if there is demand a further course may be organised in the New Year.
  • 11. How long does the course last?
    The course last the whole day from 0930-1630.
  • 13. Are there any discounts available?
    Yes. For candidates attending the Interview Weekend (Both Knowledge Course and Mock Interview Course) a discounted rate is available.
  • 14. Are there any extras or bonuses?
    Yes. All candidates will be given access to the Online Knowledge Course component of our Online Interview Preparation System so that they can watched edited versions of the talks given, revise key topics covered and have their CVs analysed in their own time. This means that candidates can enjoy the day and re-revise key topics nearer the interviews.

    Knowledge Course candidates also get priority booking on our extremely popular Mock Interview Course.
  • 15. I have some further questions…
    Hopefully most key details have been covered but if you have any questions ahead of registering for the course please contact us for more information.
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